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Meditation Retreat


Silent Meditation Retreat 

Silence is  a dynamic way to radically transform your life.  By creating space for stillness, the observer/witness consciousness can shine through.  It will be a powerful time of releasing patterns and de-conditioning of the egoic mind.  The stillness will purify energies on all levels.

A vegan/gluten free diet will be incorporated to aid in the purification process, as well as daily yoga and teachings.

General information

Our silent meditation retreats offer a unique opportunity to spend conscious time with ourselves, exploring our inner universe and the mysteries of our heart.

Under guidance of experienced meditation teachers we will meditate in silence, practice hatha yoga, and receive teachings and instructions. The retreat aims to bring more inner peace, love, joy, and happiness.  As well as a profound understanding of our true nature. We believe in the Oneness and interconnectedness of all creation and meditation is wonderful tool to experience this Oneness within our own heart.

The retreat is based on the teachings of Advaita Vedanta (Oneness consciousness) and Yoga, we are also integrating teachings from all major spiritual traditions like Buddhism, Hinduism, mystic Christianity, Sufism and Judaism.  We recognize their Oneness in essence.  We are not focused on Dogmas, but rather try to help the students find their own inner experiences.

We wish to advise you to be patient and open.  We strongly advise you to make a commitment to yourself that you will stay for the entire retreat.  With such a commitment and patience, even beginners will find the strength to overcome minor difficulties and obtain great benefits from the retreat.  A retreat can help you understand the mind and life.  This is a very valuable opportunity for you, a special gift to yourself.

 None Scheduled at this time - please email denise@livelifelit.com for inquiries