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Transformational Coaching


 I call it "Transformational Coaching" because it is very intuitive and the outcome is to create a positive transformation.

 During the sessions we will allow whatever is present for you to be expressed and through my coaching tools I will help you access your inner wisdom.

For example, it might be:
  • practical steps to finding a fulfilling, soul-connected career  
  • how to open your heart to loving, intimate relationship
  • remove money blocks
  • how to love yourself unconditionally
  • how to organize your life to meet your current needs
  • further assistance on integrating ceremonies or the Juice Cleanse  (if you came to one of our retreats) into your daily life
  • deepen your path of awakening
  • are you facing challenges that you want help moving beyond?

The thing that is so transforming about coaching is I hold you accountable and by being held accountable you really see results and change.

I will help you get clear on

  • What you are calling into your life
  • How you want to feel
  • Most of all, I will be a sounding board for your deepest desires


~Fully Present Everyday Goddess ~

"Denise is a thoroughly human woman, she does her work with dedication and service and respects her own process and the value of acknowledging it in a way that makes ones own relationship with self more accessible.

At the same time she gives professional attention to detail and awareness to her mission in facilitating a transformative experience. She is not ascended to an unreachable cloud from which to instruct you how to improve your life, she is as open with her struggles as with her successes. She is generous with her gratitude and her experience.

Denise is a woman who daily claims her own abundance and demonstrates, through her own dedication to joy, how you might also claim yours."

Amelia, California, USA

How it works
1 hour Skype session either every week for 3 months or every other week for 6 months for a total of 12 sessions.  You can always sign up for a new package once the first one is complete.

It is important to have a minimum of 3 months because lasting change takes some time.  Results do not always happen over night.

My rate for this 12 session package is US $2,400.  However, I'd love to offer you a discount of US $2,000 if paid in one lump sum or US $367 in 6 monthly payments.

Contact me at denisefcooper@gmail.com to set up a complimentary discovery session to see if it is a good fit.